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Bacerra S size (Version 2)

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  • 【Ultra lightweight. Fresh and soft material adopted.】It is lightweight at 270g!The bag is made of soft and supple material that feels soft against the skin. The “Mercado Bag,” which has now become a standard item, has been rearranged in the HAYNI-style. The result is an elegant bag that is not too casual. It is a mercado bag that can be carried refreshingly in spring and summer.
  • 【Stain and water resistant and maintenance free】Stain-resistant, easy-to-clean vinyl material. If it gets dirty, it can be quickly wiped clean. The water-resistant material is also recommended for use as a pool bag. It is also useful during rainy seasons.
  • 【Simple structure with plenty of gussets】It has a firm gusset and a larger capacity than you might imagine. The simple structure of the bag is designed without pockets, so that you can easily carry whatever you want to carry around with you. It comes with a detachable tassel and a lucky star sign coin charm for a point of interest. May your everyday life shine brightly...
  •  【coordinate】It is durable, lightweight, and easy to carry. With a size that is easy for daily use and a simple, feminine design, this bag blends in with any outfit. The simple and sophisticated design allows you to carry it elegantly and neatly. It can be coordinated with a wide range of tastes.
  • 【S size. Compact but can hold a lot.】Despite its compact appearance, it is convenient for carrying a variety of items and can hold a 500ml PET bottle horizontally. It is the perfect bag for everyday use in spring and summer, as it can securely hold a long wallet, smartphone, and other small items.Size:W Top 32.5cm Bottom 24.5cm H 20cm D 9cm
  • 【Includes non-woven fabric for convenient storage】The products are carefully packaged and delivered in a non-woven cloth with the HAYNI logo for convenient storage.
  • 【30-day return guarantee】We accept returns due to image errors or initial defects. Please feel free to shop with us.
Width Top: 32.5cm
Bottom: 24.5cm
Height 20cm
Depth 9cm
Handle Drop 14cm
Width Top: 12.8"
Bottom: 9.6"
Height 7.9"
Depth 3.5"
Handle Drop 4.5"

Weight 270g
Material Body: Vinyl chloride
Tassel: PU leather(Synthetic leather)
Feature Accessory: Tassel , Amulet coin charm
Country Made in China

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Customer Reviews

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I was excited the moment I opened it.It's adorable!!I was a bit worried about the size because my summer essentials tend to add up, but it comfortably fits my long wallet, water bottle, handheld fan, pouch, and handkerchief, with room to spare.There were only bronze and gray colors available, and I couldn't decide which to choose, but I went with bronze. It doesn't have an overly shiny look (the tassel is shiny bronze), but it's just so cute!It just arrived, but I already want it in another color.I plan to use it a lot and take good care of it from now on.


Last year, I purchased the gray bag in size L. It was so convenient because it could fit everything. As the rainy season approaches again this year, I bought this white one. Even in size S, its storage capacity is impeccable, and I don't have to worry about getting wet in the rain, so it's very handy.I've bought several bags from HAYNI already. I also cherish the leather bags. Even though they might seem a bit pricey, the quality is high, and the craftsmanship is excellent, so I can buy them with confidence and have no regrets.






I purchased the gray in size S.It's incredibly lightweight, and since it's vinyl, it's okay if it gets wet in the rain.With traditional plant basket bags, they tend to catch on my bicycle basket and fray, but with this bag, I don't have to worry about that.