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  • 【PENDELTON×HAYNI】A special order product from the popular American brand PENDLETON and HAYNI, featuring PENDLETON's original pattern, this body bag has been created exclusively for HAYNI. The fabric is soft and refreshing, and can be used regardless of the season. The pattern will vary depending on the individual. Please enjoy your own unique body bag.
  •  【Everything you need in one compact package.】It has a compact appearance but offers excellent storage capacity! The main compartment can hold a long wallet with room to spare. The main compartment can hold a long wallet with room to spare, and other small items such as a cell phone, handkerchief, keys, etc. can also be stored compactly in the bag.The three compartments, a main compartment, a back compartment, and a front pocket, allow you to keep things organized and tucked away.Size:W 27cm H 20cm D 3cm
  • 【2-way usable】It can be used as a body bag or a waist pouch. You can use it according to your outfit and scene of the day.
  • 【Includes non-woven fabric for convenient storage】The products are carefully packaged and delivered in a non-woven cloth with the HAYNI logo for convenient storage.
  • 【30-day return guarantee】We accept returns due to image errors or initial defects. Please feel free to shop with us.

Width 27cm
Height 20cm
Depth 3cm
Width 10.6"
Height 7.9"
Depth 1.2"

Weight Body: 200g
Material Main body, Lining, Separate fabric, Batting, Shoulder belt: Polyester
Each parts: Polypropylene

Zip closure

Inside: Open pocket x1
Front pocket x1
Open pocket in front pocket x1
Back storage x1

*Patterns vary depending on the individual.
*There is a D-ring inside the front pocket.
*Front pocket: Double zip closure.

Country Made in China


【Usage Precautions】
When using the product, friction may cause the inner padding of the main quilted fabric to protrude through seams or the fabric surface. If this occurs, please do not forcibly pull it out. Instead, gently pinch it from the opposite side and push it back in, or use scissors to cut it off. Please be mindful of friction and protruding objects to avoid creating scratches or holes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

It's cute and fits all the essentials. If I had to ask for something more, it would be a bit more depth in the main pocket. It's so cute it lifts my mood, and it seems like it'll be great for outings with small children. I'm looking forward to using it to the fullest. Thank you very much.


It's perfect for a bi-fold wallet, smartphone, makeup pouch, key case, handkerchief, and tissues. It would have been even better if there was a bit more depth in the largest compartment, but overall, it's a 5-star item. Bags from this shop are simple yet slightly different from others, and I really like that.


I really like it because it holds all the essentials when I go to the park with my child, leaving my hands free. It's lightweight, stylish, and perfect for me!