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  • 【Made of high quality cowhide with flexible texture】This bag is made of soft and moist cowhide leather with just the right amount of luster. The cowhide has a soft and flexible texture that gives a feeling of warmth, and is arranged in a simple yet luxurious quilted style.
  • 【Uses a chain designed for ease of use】Lightweight chain that retains its strength and texture is used. (Strength is equivalent to heavier chains.) Two types of gold and silver hardware are available. Gold and silver metal fittings are available. barmed's gold metal fittings are a deep and subdued gold color, giving it a mature and highly visible impression.
  • 【coordinate】With its manageable size, this is a chain bag that you will want to carry every day. Whether you like chain bags or are a first-time user, this simple and elegant bag is easy to use for everyone. It goes well with both casual and elegant looks, and is an item that will increase your level of fashion just by carrying it.
  • 【The size is large enough to hold everything you need.】With a gusset of approximately 7cm, the bag has high storage capacity and can hold a smartphone, wallet, pouch, and other small items. It can also hold an A4-size item if it is tilted slightly. Size:W 35cm H 31cm D 7cm
  • 【Includes non-woven fabric for convenient storage】The products are carefully packaged and delivered in a non-woven cloth with the HAYNI logo for convenient storage.
  • 【30-day return guarantee】We accept returns due to image errors or initial defects. Please feel free to shop with us.
Width 35cm
Opening: 31cm
Height 31cm
Depth 7cm
Width 13.8"
Opening: 12.2"
Height 12.2"
Depth 2.8"

Weight Body: 590g
Material Body: Cowhide
Inside: Polyester
Shoulder strap: Cowhide , Alloy
Feature Magnet closure

Outside: Back Open pocket ×1
Inside: Zipped pocket ×1 , Open pocket ×2
Country Made in China

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I'm really happy that they offer a choice between silver and gold hardware. I went with silver. It holds a lot of stuff and eliminates the need for an eco-bag. It's got pockets inside and out, making it easy to stash small items and convenient to use. I'm wearing it all the time. The worn leather feel adds a touch of luxury!


HAYNI's bag was a first for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the careful packaging and the inclusion of a storage bag. Opening it up made me really happy. It's a quilted bag, but the leather is not too thick and has a soft, supple feel, giving it a refined vibe. The gold foil logo and the gold chain are understated yet lovely touches. I'm really delighted that I could get a genuine leather quilted bag at such a reasonable price. Now I'm tempted to get other bags too.


This is my first chain bag. The quality of the leather is really good and it looks just like in the photos, which is lovely. Personally, I wish it had a bit more depth – that would have been even better. But folding it in half and carrying it like a clutch still looks nice. The weight didn't bother me at all.