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Shiena S (version 3)

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  • 【Made of genuine cowhide leather】It is made of high quality genuine cowhide leather with a good matte texture. Molded cowhide leather can unify the grain, making this bag stand out for its elegance and high appearance. Another pleasant feature of molded leather is that it does not easily lose its shape. With bottom studs, the bottom of the bag is resistant to tearing and abrasion, so it can be used for a long time.
  • 【Can be used 2-way with shoulder strap】The shoulder strap can be attached or detached freely, so it can be used according to the mood of the day or the occasion. It can be used as either a shoulder bag or a Boston bag, making it a two-way bag. The use of a colored strap (sold separately) gives it a completely different look, so it can be used for both on and off-duty use.
  • 【HAYNI's best-selling series】The Shiena series is favored by many customers for its clean, simple, and elegant look. The iconic HAYNI bag has been improved upon and has achieved both design and practicality.
  • 【coordinate】It fits in well with everyday coordinates, and can be used for a wide range of casual and formal occasions with just this one item.
  • 【Sized to securely hold a long wallet】Despite its compact appearance, it has excellent storage capacity with a wide gusset of approximately 12em. It can hold a long wallet, as well as a smartphone and other small items that you want to carry with you every day. Size:W 20cm H 20cm D 12cm
  • 【Includes non-woven fabric for convenient storage】The products are carefully packaged and delivered in a non-woven cloth with the HAYNI logo for convenient storage.
  • 【30-day return guarantee】We accept returns due to image errors or initial defects. Please feel free to shop with us.
Width 20cm
Height 20cm
Depth 12cm
Handle Drop 7cm
Width 7.9"
Height 7.9"
Depth 4,7"
Handle Drop 2.8"

Weight Body: 410g
Shoulder strap: 90g
Material Body: Cowhide
Inside: Polyester

Zip closure

Inside: Zipped pocket ×1 , Open pocket ×1

Scarf present(You can't choose the color and pattern)

Country Made in China

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Customer Reviews

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I already have a camel-colored M-size bag, but this time I bought a black S-size one. It's a bit smaller in capacity, but it looks cute in balance!


I was looking for a compact and cute shoulder bag, so I bought it right away! At first, I thought, "Hmm, is it a bit smaller than I expected?" but surprisingly, it fits everything I need! It has a nice fit against the body, and even when I walk with my stuff inside, I don't feel any weight. I'm so impressed that I'm already thinking about getting a slightly larger size from this brand!


For those who have a lot to carry but still want a smaller bag, this is a great recommendation. I often walk a lot when I travel, so I was looking for a smaller bag. I needed one with a 2-way type that I could sling over my shoulder and could fit a 500ml water bottle. I'm really satisfied! Even with the water bottle inside, there's still room for a long wallet and a pouch. However, if you put too much in, it might be a bit difficult to get things out from the bottom. It might be better to opt for a compact wallet. I hesitated between ivory and grayish-beige, but I chose the latter to match my light blue coat. It's not as heavy-looking as black and has an elegant color. I'm thinking of getting ivory for summer.