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Herena (Mako Ikeda × HAYNI)

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  • 【Bags that do not clutter up the contents】We have taken a fresh look at the common problem that we all have, and created a bag that "keeps the contents clutter-free" from the perspective of a Level 1 storage advisor. The bag is equipped with a total of seven pockets. They are gusseted, mesh, bottomless for use as dividers, and made of a material that is light enough to handle wet items.
  • 【Made of high quality cowhide leather】Luxurious matte cowhide leather with a firm and calm atmosphere is used. The soft and warm genuine leather will fit your body every time you use it. The quality of the genuine leather stands out in a versatile, simple adult design that can be worn with any outfit.
  • 【Reduce the burden on your shoulders because you use it every day.】The main body weighs approximately 490g, which is light enough to reduce the burden on the shoulders. We have reduced the number of metal fittings as much as possible to keep the inside functional yet simple. The belt is also thicker so it does not cut into the shoulder.
  • 【coordinate】The simple design can be used for both casual and elegant occasions, making it a great choice for any outfit. The colored strap also adds a point of interest. Try putting it on and taking it off depending on your mood.
  • 【Large enough to hold a plastic bottle】If you tilt it to the side, a 500ml plastic bottle and a thick long wallet can fit in it together. The bag has many pockets and can neatly hold small items, so even those with a lot of luggage can rest assured that it is safe. Size:W Top: 28cm Bottom: 22cm H 19cm D 13.5cm
  • 【Includes non-woven fabric for convenient storage】The products are carefully packaged and delivered in a non-woven cloth with the HAYNI logo for convenient storage.
  • 【30-day return guarantee】We accept returns due to image errors or initial defects. Please feel free to shop with us.
Width Top: 28cm
Bottom: 22cm
Opening: 29cm
Height 19cm
Depth 13.5cm
Width Top: 11.0"
Bottom: 8.7"
Opening: 11.4"
Height 7.5"
Depth 5.3"

Weight 553g
∟ Body: 49
∟ Coror strap: 62.5g
Material Body: Cowhide
Inside: Polyester , PVC
Shoulder strap : Cowhide
Zipper: Made by YKK


Zip closure

Outside: Open pocket
Inside: Open pocket , Zipped pocket

Country Made in China

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